Saturday, August 22, 2009

Adventures in Babysitting.

I'm finally home in the great NorthEast after 3.5 weeks of travel... boy oh boy am I exhausted.
Its been a while since I posted some fun everyday stuff so I thought I would share the day's little baby sitting adventure :)
I spent the day with Soryn and Luka and we took a little trip to the fabric store.
$16.03 later we left with a bag of fabrics and I got to sewing when they went down for naps.
Soryn got her Batman cape (complete with thumb holes and a belt) and Luka a little tutu skirt.
It's amazing what a little fabric, sewing machine, and imagination can cook up, 'eh?

OK, time to go play dress up....

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Enoch Photography said...

A talented photographer and seamstress... very nice. Very cute images especially that 4th one - I just see OOOooooooo.... ha. //enoch

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