Monday, November 16, 2009


While out in California a few weeks ago, I did some commercial shots for Little Miss Madison. When we scheduled the shoot, I didn't take into consideration Daylight Savings so we had all of 30 minutes of daylight. Regardless, she rocked it.

Her mom says she is only 10 but I'm convinced she is going on 25. I mean, she has read all the Twilight books and her binder is plastered with half naked men (technically they are warewolves.) She even schooled me on boys which I obviously need help with ;)
When I was 10, I did archery, climbed trees, made up songs and accompanying dances (a few of which I still remember but good luck getting me to demonstrate), and I even recall running away from a boy that tried to kiss me once. Haha... it was a different time and I wasn't nearly as cool.

Madison has already graced a few shows on Disney as well as rocks an amazing set of vocal chords. Its amazing how young they start nowadays 'eh?

Good luck lady... it was a pleasure shooting your face and I have no doubt you will go far ;)

This last two are my favorite

(ps) Can you believe this little rockstar is also a blackbelt?!


Madisonandbibiana said...

Hey Shy.. if you had time you would have had time to climb trees, make up songs and the accompanying dances.. which she still performs. She is Team Jacob though too.

Shyla said...

haha.... I know! but she would have made it all 100 times better than I did at that age. She is a rockstar and I didn't have half of her awesomeness.

**ahem** The only fault of that precious little child is her affiliation with Team Jacob.

Love ya B ;)

Alex Rodriguez said...


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