Saturday, December 5, 2009

DT + Liza | cape cod

One of my favorite weddings of the year. DT & Liza live in NYC and are both actors so, as you can imagine, they are quite animated and joyful.
I have rarely seen a couple quite as alive to each other, as in-tune with each other, or as hopelessly and irrevocably head over heels for each other.
Their celebration was filled with so much emotion, here are just a few from their day...

I am in love with this dress shot.

A few of the traditional Jewish pieces of the ceremony. The emotional signing of the Ketubah and the bridal party tying the Chuppah

The Chuppah was made from DT's late mother's scarf evoking an incredible amount of emotion.

In Jewish ceremony's there is a tradition of 7 wedding blessings given. They chose to assign one blessing to 7 different couples and allowed them to interpret it in any way they chose. This was my favorite... interpretive dance.


Chelsea Nicole said...

Really LOVE that dress shot too! You did such a fab job on this wedding. Beautiful work Shy. :-)

Ken L said...

These are all so beautiful Shyla.

Lisa Gilbert said...

Oh Shyla, that dress photo is magical. What a wonderful job you did here -- I'm so inspired!

Lucia Photography said...

i love that dress shot too.

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