Sunday, October 24, 2010

Italy [part 1]

*note* My apologies for the small photos. Since I do not have my laptop, we will have to settle for smaller photos than normal but I will replace them when I return to the states. In the meantime....

It's nearly 1am and I am exhausted. There will be more stories to come but we are hitting Florence hard tomorrow *early* morning so I need to try to catch up on some sleep. I just had to blog before too much time went by!
There truly are some beautiful sights to see... For now, though, the first two cities we saw... Lake Como and Cinque Terre.

The Lake Como Towns ::


Menaggio (where we stayed)


Villa Balbianello on Lake Como. For all you Star Wars or Bond lovers, you may recognize a few of the scenes ;)

Star Wars :: Anakin and Princess Amadala's balcony

The end of James Bond : Casino Royale was filmed here.

The best Gnocchi I have ever had. Come on, I'm in Italy... I HAVE to take pictures of my food. ;)

The brother Mark and I

A quick shot I grabbed before leaving Cinque Terre this morning

It has been non stop since we landed in Milan on Tuesday.... More to come but for now, Buono Sera.


Jani said...

Breathtaking photos, Shyla! And you and Mark are looking quite chic, too! No George Clooney sightings on Lake Cuomo?? Darn...

Lydia said...

These pictures are gorgeous!! And I'm so glad your brother Mark is safe and sound!

Anonymous said...

twitter suggested i follow you, so i clicked your name, clicked your site, landed here, scrolled down, and see these GORGEOUS travel images. and did i mention i've got casino royale on in the background (one of my favourite movies)! so jealous of your travels! loved cinque terre personally.

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