Saturday, December 22, 2007

Lookin' back...

WOW! It has been a looooooong year. And, to be completely real and honest.... It was truly one of the toughest years.
Despite the battles, it has been an amazing year all the same. As I sat and looked through my year of pictures, I realized what made all the trials and tribulations so bearable.... it was the people. My friends, family, photo community... all ya'all!
We arent meant to live life in isolation, but together.... So THANK YOU to each and every one of you who I have had the pleasure of meeting or developing an existing friendship with. You have all had an impact on my life and for that I am so grateful!

Soooo, I pulled 100 pics of the past year that not only give an overview of the year but show all the fantastic community I have been surrounded with. I love ya all!!

***CLICK HERE for Slideshow***

(ps) If you weren't in it, its probablly 'cause I don't have pics of us together... If you send me some, I will plug them in! :)
(pps)One thing I learned after meandering through pictures.... I hung out with Amber Holritz and Egan A LOT! Good thing they are both great friends!


jamiedelaine said...

Wow. That's an amazing year! You were all over! I wish you even more success in 2008! :)

scott neumyer said...

It's been a great year, Shy. Thanks for becoming such an amazing friend. I heart you. :)

david & kimi baxter said...

loved it! i just have to say we think you are such a gorgeous girl and always look so naturally beautiful, then we saw you all dolled up in the field with the other beauty, and i just need to say...WOW. i didn't think you could get any more beautiful. ok i'm done :) may you have much continued blessings,success and happiness in the years to come!

|| davidjay || said...

Oh Shyla that was wonderful!!! I loved the show!

p.s. It must've been a tough year because you haven't even updated to the new version of Showit Web that came out in March!!! It's a free upgrade!

Mary Bess said...

awww that was awesome!! I'm so glad you came into our lives and we've had so much fun already that I can't even imagine what '08 will bring!!

we heart you!!

Sarah Rhoads said...

So I just saw on your twitter that you are in Seattle tonight! I wish I would have known I know you don't know me but I would have loved to treat you to coffee. Love your work :) Cheers, and merry Christmas!

XpressionsbyMichelle said...

Looks like you had a great yr!! :)

jason groupp said...

Yea! I even made the slideshow! :) I can't believe it's been a year since OSPW!

I also can't believe you were out on the east coast again and didn't say hi!

Andrew Barlow said...

YES!!!! I made the show!!!!
5 months Shy!!! 5 months!!!!!! =)
how are the invitations coming along? ;)

LisaFitts said...

AWW...that made me misss you =( happy christmas

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