Thursday, December 20, 2007


I have been meandering through my images from the past year in preparation for the updated website, and I came across all these signs from my summer travels between Barbados, Cabo, & Cancun. I figured they deserved some blog lovin' :)


This was painted on a white wall.... I think I am gonna print it for my closet! lol


eric said...

what's with all the anti-E sentiment? That is not OK, lady... :]

Shyla said...

I don't think they like you too much in Mexico. ;)

OR, maybe you just need to think differently about it.... you are anti-uppercase E anyway, right? What if they are supporting your efforts of using lower case :e:? Think positively, not negatively!!

lol. did I save myself?

Eddie Bojorquez (Studio 512) said...

Great collection! I love foreign signs.

david & kimi baxter said...

love love love the first one! have a safe and merry christmas shy!

Mary Bess said...

ahhhh! I LOVE the wear something you shouldn't sign!!

miss you!

J@KE said...

so when did you shoot your Hot Avatar???


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