Monday, January 14, 2008

Amy Seeley | Potential

If you haven't heard the awesomeness that is Amy Seeley... check her out!

Fellow Photographer Jesh deRox introduced the photo community to Amy through his website and workshops. She now resides in Oregon, so I had the opportunity to hear her play live the other night.
Kathy Carlisle, Shannon Sewell, Kristy Behrs and a few other girls and I picked her up in Downtown Portland, and amidst talks about 'boys', she wrote this song in the car, on the way to the concert!
Its called 'potential', but just listen to
A) her INCREDIBLLY-fantabulously-awesome voice
B) her mad skills for writing songs on the fly!
C) her hilarity


I swear, I am absolutely in love with people that can sing. One of my top 5 desert island necessities .... someone who can sing! (Preferably Ewan McGregor, but Amy will do.)


Erin Melenbacker said...

That is impressive! See you in a few days...

Heather said...

She's freakin awesome! I had the wonderful opportunity to meet her at Jesh's workshop! I miss you my love. :)

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