Thursday, January 17, 2008

It's alive!!

Ok people! So the blog may still be down....
(Anyone know how to hack into servers to retrieve information?! These people are NOT returning our messages!! :(...)


The new updated site is LIVE!


SHOUT... SHOUT... Let it all out... COME ON!
Im talking about BLU.... COME ON! doo doobey doo doo

Ok so that was my attempt at singing you a song that sings Blu's praises.
They have been nothing but absolutely amazing in helping me create this new site, and aiding in switch all my stuff over to a working server...not to mention that the customer service has been impeccable!
The backend portion is so fluid and easy... I cant believe that something like a website could be so simple!!!

**note: I just wanted to clarify that BLU is not the company I am experiencing issues with in regards to my blog and the server access. :)


Alex Rodriguez said...

Good luck, I just dumped Blogger due to lack of support.

David B. Hoffman said...

Your new site is awesome!

David Burke said...

LOVE the HUGE Images!!!! Who developed your site?

Looks awesome!!

Shane Melenbacker said...

Love the new site but I have to confess, I love your images even more. See you Saturday or Sunday :)

Heather Meyers said...

site looks amazing ;o) but it's the great images that make it so WHAM! ;o)

david & kimi baxter said...

the website ROCKS!!!! the music reminded me of devo for some reason. starving for shlya images!!! your town is beautiful btw.

neal said...

Your new site is great with the massive images. Way to go!

jennifer said...

the new site & photos rock!

Scarlett Lillian said...

Love love love the new site!!! Tres chic!

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