Sunday, January 20, 2008

Whirlwind Adventures!

My southern Adventures began last Monday in Atlanta... I flew out to stay with Miss Liana Lehman to attend Biz Bootcamp ( That will get its OWN post because of its awesomeness!)
Anyway, after 3 days of crunching numbers, Amber Holritz came all the way from Tennessee to take me home with her for the night....
so, we drove 1.5 hours to TN... had dinner with more of my favorite people... The Nudds, The Smiths, and Melody.

Um, then i got to play with her little kids... they are just the CUTEST kids. Addison informed me that I could "call her sweetie if I wanted to, but her NAME was Addision" ;)... haha

slept a few hours then drove another 2 hours North the next day to have lunch with the Rockstar himself... Corey Mcnabb! I love this man... he makes me laugh so much! I will be helping out at his February workshop next month.... check it out! :)

after a few hours at the restaurant we sat in the backseat of his car and watched You Tube videos and played with the D3... ( I must admit, Nikon impressed me here)

Check out the Video Corey showed us!

Ok, so then it was 2 hours BACK to Chattanooga... drop off Amber, Pick up Nathan and another two hours South to have dinner with the AWESOMELY amazingly-amazing Chris and Katie of 6 of Four Creations! Along with Liana, her bf Mike and lil' miss Sara Harper

Liana and I had a flight out of Atlanta yesterday morning, for a speaking engagement in Nebraska PPA. Well, for some reason, it decided to SNOW in Atlanta so ALL the flights were cancelled. we had no other choice but to rent a car and DRIVE to Nebraska. 18 hours in the car, and 8 states later, we made it to Grand Island, NE.

technically I should be sleeping since I only got 3 hours of sleep, but well... what can I say, I would rather work :)


eric said...

that guy in the video needs to raise his soft pallet. He's getting caught in his nose. He's also about 23 cents sharp at the end there. In addition that was mildly disturbing.

Man I miss all my Atl. gang :[

Shealynn Benner said...

Sounds like an incredible journey! How fun!!!

Dustin Steller said...

What a trip! Crazy.

I hope you waved as you went by! I live only a few minutes from the road you traveled through Kansas City!

6 of Four Creations said...

What a great time. Thanks for making the trip. We had a blast!

Jenn & Adam Linke said...

What a'll have a blast at Corey's workshop, and the Biltmore is beautiful!!!

amber said...

So fun! I miss your face already. Come back!


Anonymous said...

number 2 is so cute love it!

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