Thursday, January 24, 2008

Beautiful Vail!

I just wanted to share a quick shot from our balcony this morning.

In a beautiful location like this, I shouldn't even have my computer open! BUT, while the other girls are hittin' the slopes, Liana and I are fighting this nasty sickness so we are confined to the cabin. I would love to be out enjoying the snow and not feeling like I just got ran over by a mack truck, but I guess thats what I get for running myself ragged for the last two weeks.

On a more happy note: MIKE HALL is my hero! Have you noticed my blog is fixed?! I asked so many different people for help and was getting no-where, but a quick email to Mike yesterday morning and everything was redesigned by last night. Talk about amazing service! We are still doing a few tweaks (like a flash header and such) so it will be even MORE fun. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to retrieve all the old images from the missing server guy, so over the next few weeks I will have to REpopulate what images are missing. (just hang tight!)
anyway... three cheers for Mike!


Kelley said...

Feel better Shyla! Miss you :-)

Shane Melenbacker said...

Sorry you and Liana arn't feeling well. I hope you did get that while you here. Take care and get better.

Jasmine said...

yeah for mike!! ;)
miss u!

Mike Larson said...

looks like you guys had a blast!!!

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