Saturday, January 26, 2008

Colorado | part III

My adventures have come to an end... I fly out of Denver tomorrow morning where I have a week to re-coup and gear up for the next big adventure. (that's an exciting one.. stay tuned for more on that later)

Anyway, we packed up the cabin this morning, grabbed lunch and homemade Hot Chocolate in the Vail village and headed back to Denver. I drove in the snow for the first time. yay for me!! We used to always go up to the mountains but I just never drove in it before, so I figured I needed my practice. It's kinda like 4Xing and since I've done that a lot before, I was fine :)
The roads cleared eventually but we were still surrounded by the most beautiful scenery. Did I mention I could live here?! ;)

Anyway, we got back to Denver and the fabulous Eric Laurits pulled some strings and got us tickets to see the world premiere/opening night of a stage play called Plainsong at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts.
In College, I was the fine arts coordinator in charge of planning what plays, operas, symphonies (etc.) the students went to with their Fine Arts classes. Tonight took me back to those fun adventures.... one of my goals this year was to see more productions, so this was a start! :)


Eric went to grad school here in Denver so he worked his magic all the way from NY and not only got us tickets.... he got us VIP tickets. Needless to say, we felt special and he is amazing.

Thanks :e:!! HUGS from Crystal, Liana, me, & Sarah!


Jenna & Matt Walker said...

missing you tons!!! here is to the next great adventure in BOSTON!!

Anonymous said...

that is a cute pic.

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