Sunday, January 27, 2008

Business Boot Camp | Atlanta, GA

While attending PartnerCon back in September, I had a crash course in Business Boot Camp, and it whet my appetite enough to want to attend the whole thing! Boy, am I thankful I did.
The BBC is an intense, intimate three-day experience designed to help you take your photography business to the next level, enforce business health and profitability, and create a better work/life balance.

As a creative, I find that the business end often suffers because it is not what I am necessarily gifted at... but after going through this course, I realized that the business aspect offers the opportunity to be just as creative... the medium is simply numbers instead of paint or film.
As odd as it may sound, I actually enjoyed mapping everything out on a spreadsheet and seeing how everything works together. Business is ridiculously creative, you just have to challenge yourself to look at it differently.

I walked away knowing....
- Exactly how much I need to make next year to pay myself "x" salary in conjunction with growing my business. (That includes ideals such as maxing out IRA annually, and putting a significant amount in savings each month.)
- The cost of sales on each package I offer and how to decrease my cost of sales without affecting my clients.
- step by step plans to financially achieve my business and personal, short and long term goals.
- more of who I am as a person. In order to tackle the financial and goal aspect of your business, you must start with its creator... you. We were even commissioned to write a eulogy for ourselves! Which, if you ever get a chance, please do, you will set a course for your life that will point it in the direction you wish to end up.

I would challenge every business to take a few days out of their busy schedule to lay a proper financial foundation. Just like in life, everything rises and falls according to its foundation.

Thanks Liana... you truly are doing a great service to each and every pupil you encounter!


Anonymous said...

you are so pretty shy i love you!
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Deyl said...

you're awesome Shy! we miss you here in SB!

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