Friday, February 1, 2008

The Great Eastern Migration

click. click. click. click.
if you are anything like me, you love roller coasters. Even though my first rollercoaster involved me being 8 years old, screaming at the top of my lungs, and sucker punching my mother who made we embark on such a traumatic experience. I have since developed a deep love for the thrill, excitement, and adventure of it all.
As most of you know, there is this period of 'click. click. click.' as you are gearing up to take the plunge. That clicking fosters different feelings for different people, but usually its a mixture of fear and excitement before you WHOOSH away on your adventure.
Well, that's the feeling I have felt the last few days...

A few months ago, I had the opportunity to visit New England and I fell in love with the East Coast. I was living in SoCal at the time because I moved there for college and just stayed to start my business... but my heart wasn't there. SOOOO, I made the decision to try a new adventure. I figured 'what the HECK', I am young, single and have nothing holding me back, so why not just try something new and crazy.

I had it narrowed down to Portland, Maine and New Haven, CT... but then an opportunity arose in Boston, MA and that's the one that totally worked out, so long story short.... I am OFF TO BOSTON!

So the click click click has been a bit nerve racking but I am officially on my way. And what a better way to kick off a new adventure than with a 3000 mile road trip?!

And since today is SuperBowl Sunday, I figured I would dress for the occasion even though I wont be able to watch the game......

My bro did these before I left this morning... we have way too much fun.

They are my new home team.... so..... GO PATS!
Um, will someone please text or email me updates? The first leg of my trip is 30 hours! :(.

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