Saturday, April 12, 2008


The great part about living in New England, is how easy it is to explore different states in close proximity. In the two months I have been out here, I have spent time in CT, NY, RI, NH, and ME.
This weekend I hopped a train to beautiful Portland Maine. I fell head over heels for Maine last fall... its one of those places that immediately feels like home.
Anyway, my friend Doug is a professional umpire and his crew was in P-town for a few days so I went up there for an extended weekend to visit and to see a few games.

Friday night's game was freeeezing and I was soaked to the bone, but I struck up a fast friendship with an usher and 2 old Mainer brothers who hooked me up with some sweet hand/toe warmers and even sweeter conversation.
After the game, the boys and I hit the town for live music. The musician 'J Biddy' covered everything from a lil' Dave to AC/DC and did an awesome job. I haven't decided if I more more entertained that he played "You shook me all night long" (one of my ultimate favs) for me, or by the embarrassingly drunk woman trying to dance in front of our table.

Saturday's game was awesome because Gwyn and Erin drove up to join in on the fun. And we all know what happens when photographers get together... we shoot eachother. Erin is a photojournalist for a local MA paper, so she brought a few sports lenses and we all went at it...


Miss Gwyn rockin' Sox pride

Doug in action. Complete with his green lantern pose

I was SO EXCITED about these shots. No, they are not superimposed. ;)

A few more of the baseball I saw.

Bottom of the ninth inning and the home team trailed by like 11 points. All of a sudden we heard an entire row of 12 year old boys belt out in song.... they sang every word of Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'"

Doug brought us some game balls.

Gotta love New Englanders.....

A child's drawing posted on the wall at FlatBread Co., if you have never experienced the yumminess, then you wouldn't understand the force that is FlatBread. mmmmmmMMmm

yeah, these were taken on two different days before they even met each other.... I have weird friends, right? ;)

the end. :]


douglaslevyphotography said...

DUDE! Thanks for coming! But I have to nitpick, they're RUNS not points :-) It was so cold today, be glad you weren't there for this one.

Shyla said...


its all the same.

gwyneth colleen said...

doug...i understand the scoring to baseball... :-D

yeah...that day was so super fun, but didn't tell them 'bout your vocab lesson! :-D

and i want to see one of the iphone photos that shows how many monster cameras we had.

MsB said...

Dang, that is one serious lens you holding there. Which kind is it? BTW, if it's "soda ... pop" and I say "I want a soda pop!" does that mean it's a run-on sentence? haha!

Melissa Koehler said...

Looks like so much fun!
I love the lens shots, so killer!

Team Yu Photography said...

Cool, cool, looks like you had a nice weekend! We missed ya here :)

jess said...

welcome to new england. we just moved to portland a year ago and it's amazing.:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Shyla we lived in Freeport for a year and loved every minute of it.
It's all about the plutonic equilibrium at the Flat Bread Co.
If your still up there and get a chance i helped open the Mediterranean Grill in Freeport and they have awesome food. Also 3 dollar Dewy's in Portland has great beer and chowda.

oko said...

nice, you're also rockin' my lowe pro gloves there, Shyla. 'twas bunches of fun hangin out with you and Gwyn. we should definitely do it again sometime!

Anne said...

OK, so Don't Stop Belivin' is totally my theme song. ;-) Born & raised in South DEEETROOOOIT!!

Shyla I'm crazy excited to move out there an explore NE together!!!

LisaFitts said...

just stoppin by how are things?!

david & kimi baxter said...

these are awesome!!!! love the pic of you packin the "heat" charlies angels style!

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