Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Random Fun-ness....

If you know me, I am the Queen of 20 questions. I will ask a barrage of inquiries aimed at getting to know the most about someone as possible. I am so enamored with the stories of peoples lives and finding out who they really are.

A few days ago, I was asked the following question and thought it was so great that found myself asking the same question to everyone I know. Its quite interesting to see what people say.
Bear with my cheesiness, humor me, and allow me a glimpse into who you are :)

OK, here goes...

It's the movie of your life... ending credits. What car are you driving, what's on the horizon and what song is playing?

To get us going, here is what I said...
What car am I driving?: lifted open air jeep, covered in mud.

What's on the horizon? sunrise over the mountains.

Song playing: 'Blessed' by Brett Dennen

what would the ending credits of the movie of your life look like? :)


oko said...

1) the 'Ol family wagon. white. chevy. tan interior. lil' rusty.
2) emerald ocean, dusk.
3)"Wouldn't it Be Nice" Beach Boys

Sarah said...

Ending credits on my life would hopefully be....

My family on a boat (sorry..can't think of a cool car), lavendar roses everywhere, and "In Christ Alone" being sung by everyone (all time favorite.. and sums up my life purpose perfectly)

david & kimi baxter said...

a convertible almost anything

sunrise at sunset beach in hawaii

boys of summer - don henley

~kimi b

awesome post shy girl! xoxo

scott anderson said...

All 5 of us (me/wife/kids) riding our 1970 Triumph Bonnevilles, along the coastal roads of Malta, sound track set to the stylings of Cat Stevens. Of course, I'm 150 years old at the time.

Diggin' your recent shoots Shy - Keep 'em coming!

david & kimi baxter said...

1967 cobra convertible

sunrise north shore hawaii

in god's counrty - U2

-david baxter

Shyla said...

you all make me smile... these are so awesome to read! :)

ipostupost.com said...

I would be riding in one of those land speeders from Star Wars through the post-apocalyptic streets of Boston while listening to "Heartbeats" by The Knife.

Alternative endings: I'm dead on a horse riding into the gathering dusk while "He Lays in the Reins" by Iron & Wine/Calexico plays. Or maybe I'm on a Segway, riding through the French countryside while listening to something by Vampire Weekend.

Ok, obviously I love this question too. Do you mind if I use it as an ipost on http://ipostupost.com?

PS. Still holding out hope to get a banner from you for ipostupost!

andrew said...

Car: Dark grey Range Rover Sport

Scene: Driving out of a long tunnel into the dawn light

Song: "The Sun and The Moon" by Mae

Shyla said...

ipostupost: thats ok! I have alternate ones too! One involves a bicycle in a field of like wild flowers or something.... the other involves a 64 1/2 mustang convertible, candy apply red with white pony interior and a white rag top.... driving with the top down in the snow. :)

Andrew: I love that song! I had a wedding party walk to that song and then the bride came in when the vocals drop about 4 min into the song! it was awesome and gave you goose bumps.

~Moi~ said...

Vehicle: Tricked Out Toyota LandRover -Reliable, Tough and can get through just about any rough terrain imaginable.

On the Horizon: Jesus on a white cloud, arms open wide.

Song: "Millions" (...didn't make it, but I was one of the ones who did)
By: The Winans

Fed said...

WOW Shyla, Same car(been my dream car since I was 10)

As the sun is rising(east coast) I would be cruzing, with Kate by my side along an ocean cliff in a mid 60's cherry red Mustang Convertible with a white interior and white rag top. All while Island in the Sun is playing on the radio.

ipostupost.com said...

Shyla made the ipost: http://ipostupost.blogspot.com/2008/05/pick-wrong-song-and-youll-get-rotten.html.

ipostupost.com said...

Oops. Let me try that again:

Shyla made the ipost!

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