Tuesday, June 3, 2008

fleeing the country...

ACTUALLY.... if it wasn't for a valid passport I don't know if I'd be allowed to even travel to another state...let alone actually flee the country. I just noticed that my license expired 3 days ago. haha...oops. Guess its about time I got that MA license now, 'eh? ;)

anyway, I'm headed to shoot a rockin' wedding in the Virgin Islands, so I will be out of the office until next week.
We are staying a few extra days and experiencing the eco-friendly Maho Bay! I think I am most excited about staying in these tent-cottages than anything.... this is TOTALLY my kind of adventure. I would forego a 5-star hotel for a tree house or a tent any day. Call me crazy, but this girl is giddy...*Insert BIG cheshire grin here*

anyway... have a wonderful week ya'all and I'll try not to look like a lobster this time.



Dustin Steller said...

I am glad I am not the only one who forgets little things like licenses and car registrations. :-)

Have FUN girl! I just got back form Jamaica with my bride of 6 years. Wow! What a trip!

david & kimi baxter said...

lucky girl!!!! have a safe and awesome trip my friend. cannot even WAIT for what you come back with!!!

jenna walker said...

wow am i envious of you girls! have a blast!!! and holy cow - i cannot believe the last few posts of work - you are talented beyond words!! go chica go!

Anna Yu said...

OMG, Shyla! Virgin Islands! Have FUN, i'm gonna miss you next week at the PUG, but hope we'll get together when you return! Enjoy every minute of it!!!xoxos

Abigail Q said...

Seriously, you stink! You get to go to Maine on random and now you get to go to the Virgin Islands? So jealous its not even funny. ;) Have a blast!

Greer Rivera said...

...and I just got to Boston last night! Wish I was still there to show you around and party!

Some good places to go...

Rhumb Lines Restaurant.
Cinnamon Bay on the North Shore (the bay before Maho)
Snorkeling at Waterlemon Bay.
Have a Mojito at Joe's Rum Hut.
Quiet Mon is a good spot for a cold pint.
Hiking Ram's head trail at salt pond is a awesome workout.

If you go to Rhumb Lines tell anyone you "know" me and they'll be great to you! a lot of my girls work there.

Have fun and remember to stay left!
I'll be in touch when I get back to Boston on June 29th about the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.


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