Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Smile, You're on Blu.

Just the other day, I got an email that put a HUGE smile on my face...
My lovely friends in the photography community have apparently voted me as a nominee for Blu Girl of the year.

What is the criteria for Blu Girl 'o' the year??
** passionate, lots of energy, and talent.
** you must smile most of your life.

I am so honored to be nominated by my peers as an example of the above. THANKS GUYS :)

So, do you wanna know what we win? OTTER POPS. yes, those amazing plastic tubes full of liquid sugar that illicit nostalgic childhood memories. I think there are a few other prizes too, (like being featured on Blu site for a whole year) but I stopped reading at the word 'Otter Pops.' MmmMMm.

If you have a moment and want to help a gal contribute to the rotting of her teeth.... Vote Here :)



Ryel j Photography said...

Congrats!!! You'll smurf the competition!!

Abigail Q said...

I will only vote if you promise to share the sweets! ;) xoxo and now I'm rounding up my gang.. you will win for sure !

Nicole L. Rogers said...

I just casted my vote...I can't think of anyone else that meets that criteria!

Fed said...

Share em, and we'll pick u.

By the way just saw the P-town twitter, you learn new things everyday :)

Cathy and David - Photographers said...

VOTED!!! :-D

Mary Marantz said...

wooo hoooo!!! congratulations girlie!

Anna Yu said...

extremely talented, passionate and energetic with the beautiful smile - you of course! Voted!
(and no matter what you are my blu girl of the year)

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