Thursday, August 28, 2008

That big white house over there.

We rolled into DC this morning and booked it on down to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for a quick tour of the white house.

A few weeks back, someone mentioned planning on a "white house tour" and I thought to myself... "why the heck do we care about touring White House?!"... then a few days later it came up in conversation and I realized they were telling me they wanted a tour of THE white house, NOT WHCC (White House Custom Color). I think I need to get out a little more... this photo stuff is consuming my life apparently.

Anyway, it was a self-guided tour and just as I was about to exit, I rounded the corner and saw this painting out of the corner of my eye.... I literally stopped and stared for an extended period of time. Being a painter and having a passion for art made me appreciate this for talent, but my awe extended beyond the artistic execution. The portrait made me actually feel emotion.... smile (inside and out)... and determine that that moment alone overshadowed anything else I saw this morning. I can't really explain it.

Aaron Shikler's posthumous portrait of John Kennedy...

Talking with the group afterwards (we went through separately) no one else even noticed the painting. I love noticing how art (like music) can touch different people in different ways... what may truly move one will go unnoticed by another and vice versa. Our differences are an art in and of themselves.... don't you just love it?!

It's so great to be here in DC amidst the political craze of the season. Watching the DNC last night escalated my excitement to be here in Washington for the long weekend. Ive been watching all the interviews and I'm even reading a few fun politics books. ( i know, I know, fun and politics shouldn't be in the same sentence, but I actually enjoy learning new things so yes, it's fun.)

(ps) We are here for 4 more days, and I'm not really into touristy things so if any of ya'all who have been to DC before know the 'unmissables' please let me know. Just don't suggest any "tours" please... I'm more of a 'choose your own adventure' kinda gal ;)

(pps) anyone know how to get access to shoot at the base in Annapolis?? I'm pretty sure a 'pretty please and batting eyelashes' wont work this time.


Lydia said...

One of my favorite places is up inside the Washington Monument. You can see everything from up there! I also love the changing of the guard at Arlington and the Air Force monument (at night!). But I'm a history buff, so I have a blast everywhere in D.C.!

Lisa4Jesus said...

Shyla, I used to live in DC, I love that city!! Definitely take advantage of the user friendly metro, it takes you everywhere. Take the orange/blue line to Eastern Market - on the weekends they have produce and art stuff for sale. It's super fun and relaxing to walk around. You should it breakfast or lunch at Bread and Chocolate and then grab some of the best coffee you will ever have at Murky Coffee.

I would also suggest taking a tour of the Capitol (I'm partial though because I used to give tours of it as an intern). Just walk in to your Congressman or woman's office (they love seeing constituents) and one of the interns should be able to give you a tour (and it's free!).

I'll let you know if I think of anything else. Say hi to Allie for me! We went to college together :)

P.S. Thank you for putting up some pictures from Britney's wedding - they are beautiful.

joe said...

hey shyla...

i just talked to my roommate who was in the navy. he said you would need to get on the list at the base. just call the base and talk to security. that might work and batting a few eyelashes might work as well.

as far as touring dc. i live there. so you should eat at good stuff eatery up on 3rd st ne and pennsylvania ave ne.

something else that's fun and will take you to the boundaries of dc is searching for the original dc boundary stones...

you can also go to the national arboretum off of ny avenue ne. also check out the 18th street lounge. it used to be teddy roosevelt's mansion.

the portrait gallery in chinatown is cool. it's across the street from the spy museum. then head up h street ne and hit up the argonaut for some drinks and the rock and roll hotel for some music.

thanks for helping me find the bathroom at the ny show! it was nice meeting you! keep it real. i'm in florida right now but i would have totally showed all you guys around. have fun! sorry it's raining. it hasn't rained much all summer.

Will Tangorra said...

Hi Shy...

This may be a no-brainer, but the last time I was in D.C. I was sooo moved my the VIETNAM MEMORIAL WALL. Eventhough I knew how many soldiers we lost, I wasn't prepared for the emotion of seeing all their names in one huge space. And seeing families making charcoal rubbings from the names of their loved ones and placing letters and trinkets at the base of the wall, is just overwhelming. By the end of the day there are hundreds of items left behind....

And the KOREAN VETERAN'S MEMORIAL (not far from the Vietnam Wall) is also somberly inspiring. It consists of about 20 bigger-than-life soldiers trudging through a rainy field. They're wearing ponchos and carrying their guns...and look weary, yet determined.

Amy Martin said...

I used to live there... If you like Thai food, Bangkok Joe's in Georgetown is my favorite :) And, Georgetown is just fun anyways!

Even if you don't want to do a tour, you could go for a run/walk on the mall one day. That way you'll still see all the major sights without actually taking tours. And I've seen both Bush and Clinton on runs along the mall :)

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