Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wicked Awesome.

So, check it out!
The funniest guy I know... Regis... surprised us with a little creative way to exercise...

he contacted our Driver and asked the length of the bus, then calculated how many laps around the bus equaled a mile... then he drew us a track with chalk.

It was perfect because our bus had to park out in sketch-town-boston-usa and not really safe to run. I woke up after arriving in Boston, walked off the bus and then walked right back on instructing no one to get get off the bus because I didnt want them to think THAT was Boston. We were parked under a bridge behind a barbed wire fence in the autoport down near Chelsea. Not exactly the Boston I kept raving about to these New-England virgins.

Its ok though, I tried to give them a little Boston experience. Dinner at the top of the Pru(52 floor) with live jazz trio, shopping on Newbury Street, Boston Common, and Mike's Pastry!

I couldnt wipe the smile off my face... I love Boston THAT much. Ive only been here 6 months but I am reminded daily that it was quite possibly the best decision I've 'evah' made ;) I can officially say I have toured the country and Beantown is most definitely my FAVORITE city. :)


Troy Schneider said...

I love the water/KK station! And I'm jealous that I'm not in Boston hanging out with you guys. Boston is awesome! It's right behind Austin in cities I would live in. It's wicked pissah!

Cathy and David Photography said...

You guys are craaazy! :-D

Kelly Ley said...

Hey Shyla! It was so great meeting you at FTS in Indianapolis!! I hope you're wedding in Ohio went well considering all your failures :) Unfortunately I still haven't finished The Shack - my vacation ended up being too busy - but I did get about 1/2 through and it is SOOO good!!

Robin Dini Photography said...

yeah boston! you're too funny. laps around the did you guys actually do it is the question. that would make for some silly video. come on, no treadmill on that big ole bus?

suzanne said...

Hey Shy~
I think you moving to Boston was a wicked awesome decision too!! Can't wait till' your back for good!
Your friend-fah-evah

Maya said...

That is funny stuff!

ohana photographers-david and kimi said...

so sad to have you so far, but SO happy that you've found your true love. not many get that, and reading that just makes us tickley inside for you!!!

Anne said...

OMG- that's HILARIOUS!!! Regis cracks me up!!

Boston misses you girlie! Come home soon!

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