Saturday, February 14, 2009

Love Disasters

I never drank the kool-aid with Valentine's Day.....I'm talkin' cards, candy, flowers etc.... [God knows that I would have DEFINITELY drank actual Kool-Aid if my mom allowed us to drink those little packets of colored powder mixed with 2 whole cups of refined white sugar (oh and a little water for healthy-sake), but alas we drank stuff like Chlorophyll with our water...yeah, you think I'm kidding?]
So anyway, back to Valentines day. Amidst the insane amount of activities I packed into yesterday, I thought back to what I used to do for Valentines as a kid... I remember My mom picking me up from school and giving me books as valentines. I have all these wonderful children's books that I still have... like "Love You Forever" (seriously beautiful children's story) or "the Kissing Hand" and then I was thinking about what I did for my mom on Valentine's days past. It was at this point that I realized that, more often than not, what I thought were symbols of love ended up being disasters...
Exhibit A:

Our family owned a classic car at one point. Red Dodge Dart. One VDay I was going to "surprise" my mom by waxing the car. I'd seen Karate Kid enough to know what I was doing... Wax on, Wax off, right?
Well it was a warm day and apparently if you WAX ON and don't WAX OFF before the sun bakes it onto your car, then it isn't coming off. Sooo... the hood of the car was a constant- albeit cloudy- reminder of my love notes to my mom. (note: don't ever try to wax someone's classic car unless you know what you are doing... If you are a parent, just do yourself a favor and hide the car wax)

Exhibit B:

One Vday I decided to again 'surprise' my mom by shampooing the carpets. I was too young to drive so renting a machine was out of the question. I simply filled up pitchers of water, dumped them on the floor, squeezed out dish soap and started scrubbing... and scrubbing...and scrubbing. Um, lots of bubbles everywhere and very wet carpet. All was fine and dandy until our carpet was stiff from not getting all the soap out and the entire house smelled like mildew because I never knew you had to EXRACT the water from the carpet to keep it from mildewing the padding. Lets just say we had to get new carpet.
haha... oops.

So happy Valentine's day... thanks to everyone for all the sweet letters and valentines, you all make me smile. I hope no-one had any 'love disasters' but I'd love to hear awesome stories from yesterday so share away!


(ps) And keeping with tradition, I got a new children's book. Life is wonderful 'eh? :)


Anonymous said...

you are the cutest kid! i can see my kids doing this.. i hope they dont read your blog! but good for your mom for not pushing the kool-aid!

Lydia said...

That is hilarious and so sad at the same time!

carla ten eyck said...

Sounds like these are the best kind of love disasters...made with the best of intentions!!

You are so cute!!

Grazier Photography said...

catching up on my blog reading!!! Images are looking lovely. I had an orange dodge dart swinger - ah, those were the days. :)

Rhendy Amador said...

Awesome stories! I guess your "love language" is 'acts of service'? Totally made me laugh so hard!!

Shyla said...

Hahah.... Rhendy, My love language is actually time and touch but my mom's is acts of service I think. ;)

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