Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Chebeague Island | The way life should be

Today is the first day in nearly three weeks where I haven't had guests. First my bro came out... then my parents... then the day my bro left, my BFF and her BF came from Santa Barbara. Its been a whirlwind of playing tour guide to a myriad of west coasters. (all of which I am trying to convince to move out here because it's just... well.... awesome)

Anyway, now onto the funness of the weekend... I trekked on up to Chebeague Island to play with some fabulous friends. There is something truly magical about that island... (something like the LOST plot). 5 miles long and 2 miles wide... all time stops, no one wears seat belts or owns a car newer than 1985, and you wake up to crows cawing or wild turkeys gobbling in your front yard... a 15 minute boat ride from the Maine land yet you feel miles away. The Maine state motto is: " The way life should be". There is so much in that statement that they got right. Life should be slower, savored, and filled with country music (if you've driven through Maine for any length of time you know that there are 5 times as many country stations as anything else).

Between BBQing, polish horseshoes, bonfires, the boys going scalloping and complaining that the water was so cold they lost "inches", checking each other for ticks, acoustic serenades on the porch and late night star gazing on the dock, life was truly perfect. There is something so romantic about nature and savoring creation.

LIfe truly is good.

Now for pictures!

You have to park at a remote lot off the 295 in Maine and shuttle to Cousins Island to catch a ferry to Chebeague Island.

I actually have a wedding here on Chebeague Island next year... I am stoked!

The crew got there before me because I was shooting a wedding on Saturday but the first thing I noticed about the cabin was its collection of beer cozy's. I was highly entertained and I didn't even get them ALL.

B scarfing down the most amazing Macaroni n Cheese I've ever tasted.... don't worry, I got the recipe!

trying to figure out why this shot loads so small... but whatever.. That's Kara :)

There seems to be a recurring "beer theme" in these photos. haha! I guess that's the Maine way of life?

We went down to the docks to jump... but the water was FREEZING so I pulled the "photographer card" and peer pressured the boys to jump in instead. ;) B and Folds

My fav shot of the weekend...

Sunset from the porch. I thought the colors looked better through my sunglasses so I gave the camera a little "rose colored filter"

I only wish I had shots of the amazing star-show to share... I also got to experience a part of the island that had phosphorescence bioluminescence. (Microscopic organisms that emit sparkling luminescence in short flashes when you run your hand through the water) Its like something out of a Harry Potter story or something... waving your wand and sparks of light flash forward. Photographing that proved to be practically impossible...

A HUGE thank you to the Emery Family for allowing a crew of twenty-something y/o crazies to inhabit your place for the weekend!!


Anonymous said...

these are so awesome!! I'm glad you had such a fun time with us. I can't wait for you to shoot our wedding there :)

George Graves said...

Shyla! I don't know where to start or what to say these are all so phenomenal and I agree with Elyse, I can't wait to see the shots you get next summer!

ab said...

so much fun!!! Love all the pictures and love love love the sunset through your glasses!!

emilie inc. said...

Chebeague is such a fun special place. So glad you were able to enjoy a bit of Maine magic again! xo

Lydia Messenger said...

Shyla, I've been following your blog for some time now, so I decided that I had to finally leave you a comment. I love these pictures and agree that you're favorite is the best! I love how you tell stories w/ your pics. I feel like I was there. Thank you for revealing to us west coasters the incredible east coast. I hope to visit one day:)

Angela Roy said...

Shyla you are so freaking amazingly talented it just blows me away every time I take a peek at what you have been up to lately. It just truly blows me away every.single.time! Love these pictures!!! Do you ever sell prints of your work? I would be interested in blowing up some of your pics and framing them! I would love to have some of your scenery shots hanging on my wall...next to my wonderful wedding pics from you and Katie :-)

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