Friday, May 29, 2009


A short while back I attended the Photoshop Show here in Boston and worked the booth for my dear friend Paul from Lens Pro to Go, during our vendor cocktail hour I had the pleasure of meeting Lew and Bob from Artistic Photo Canvas. We had a great conversation that ended up with me loving not only the boutique owners but also what the company stands for. I believe in singing the praises of vendors who take care of their clients and build their business on integrity versus popularity or cutting corners so I thought I would share :)
Here are a few of the things I learned and why I've chosen to make them a part of the family of products I offer.
1. Most Canvas companies use these crazy things called OBA's and FWA's....
yeah WTF?!
haha... they are whitening agents added to most canvas material making them cheaper to purchase wholesale as well as brighter/whiter whites upon printing. But what is not often told to the consumer, is that the agents (like bleach on clothing) yellow your whites over time. Think of it as using pesticides on your veggies... it makes things cheaper for mass consumption but not the same health or quality as organically grown veggies. I feel this is important to consider when choosing products that are designed to archive memories (or put in your bodies for that matter) ;)
2. The sealant "chemicals" used by APC are non-toxic water based which means their employees do not have to wear masks at risk of breathing toxic fumes. It also means it is better on the environment, folks!
3. They have excellent customer service and are just plain awesome.

And what good is telling you about all this fabulous stuff without showing you a picture?!

I ftp'd the file to them and had my canvas in hand within a week. This sucker is huge too... (4 ft wide) It was the inspiration for the entire room and printed so beautifully.

Thanks Lew, Bob, & APC Crew :)


Allie said...

Thanks for showing the finished product, I looked into them after you e-mailed me their link and am so in love with this company. Thanks!

Mark Higgins said...

Shyla, You're awesome, but Mr. Wallet does not like you as he will be loosing some of his green today!

Rich Pizzuti said...

Thanks for that informative post, definitely going to strongly consider that for our next sample canvas order.

Betsy, La Vida said...

Thanks for the scoop!! I'm definitely going to check them out... less chemicals= :-)

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