Sunday, June 7, 2009

Matt of the Cusson

Hi hi hi! [just imagine I said that with a really toothy grin, big hug and kiss on the cheek, ok?]
So I am in a ridiculously good mood today and it's really quite awesome, although I cannot tell you why yet because then I'd have to kill you and wouldn't have any blog readers left...not a good idea on my part.
BUT, I do have a lot of blog posts up my sleeve so that's some good news! Let's start with Matt of the Cusson. Otherwise known as THE Matt Cusson (you know, the guy who currently plays keys for Brian McKnight?) ;)
A little while back I joined Eric Laurits and Christina Elfar (stylist to the stars.... well, she will be soon anyway) to go all triple-threat on Mr. Matt for his own upcoming CD.

We shot in the Laurits Cottage up in Maine and magically transformed the garage into a studio of awesomeness. That place was a treasure trove of fun 'vintage-y' props the Laurits fam had collected over 30 years of marriage... SCORE for us! Although there were a few props I suggested using to which Eric replied... "uh, thats only 5 years old".
Oh. oops. [insert halo here]

Anyway... I was really only there to help out and rock the cool sidekick car but I did jump into the driver seat a few times and got some fun images.

Thanks Matt for sharing your talent and bringing a belly full of laughs... even if you DO drink wine out of a straw, I still think you're fantabulous.


Christina said...

Yayyyy, Shy!! THese pictures remind me of how much fun we have. I love the picture with the upside down lamp, it looks PERFECT!!!! Ohh I hope all is well with you and really cant wait to do a photoshoot soon. Find out about the canvassss shoot!!

:) Your friend

Jessica said...

awesome, awesome stuff!! can't wait for your other blog updates ;)

Maya Laurent said...

You always do the coolest things with light! So inspiring!

Dana said...

That second shot is WICKED hot!!!

Shyla said...

Thanks Maya... But I must give the lighting credit to my boy :e:. He was the mastermind there.
But that second shot is definitely my fav!

Mary Marantz said...

oh girrrrrrl these are AMAZING!! you never cease to amaze me my friend.

and, um, I miss you!

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