Thursday, October 22, 2009

julia | senior photos

The darling and lively Julia worked it for the camera this week.
This spunky lady is so full of energy and passion that she just makes you smile.... it was so easy to shoot her.

I was slightly concerned about our "fall themed" shoot when it SNOWED the night before... luckily the fickle Boston weather gave us a yummy golden-light treat. :)



Twah said...

you are soooooo talented!!! Love love love! great composition and color!

Janet Swaysland said...

Hi Shyla,

At the risk of embarassing my daughter, Julia, I will add a comment just to say that these photographs are spectacular. Naturally, I have taken and seen many many pictures of Julia over the years but your photos really made my heart soar. That's my girl: I know every expression but here they are so beautifully captured. You are truly talented. Janet

Lesley said...

All those layers!! LOVE! :D

Rhod said...

Awe. Is that the word? We should all be 17 and in pictures like these, but there's only one Julia. And evidently, only one Shyla.

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