Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Surprise Engagement!

I don't do well keeping secrets from my best friend but managed to pull this one off!

Danielle and I have been friends since college and she is the first person I call whenever there is anything exciting to talk about... But when her boyfriend Erik called me to say he was proposing and wanted to fly me out to Napa Valley to sniper shoot the engagement, I squealed a few times and immediately wanted to call her. **sigh**
Her parents picked me up from the airport Friday Night and arranged a car for me to drive to Napa on Saturday. I drove on up, and staked out the perfect spot at their favorite winery.... then I climbed in a bush and waited.

...and waited.

....and sweated.

and then....

They show up!

Then Erik breaks out the guitar and sings THIS SONG to Danielle. (For everyone who knows her knows this is quite possibly the most perfect song he could've chosen

Then they keep kissing. Danielle simply wouldn't let him sing without a 'kiss break' every few chords. He didn't mind - of course - but I was entertained

Then he got down on one knee.

Prior to their arrival I instructed him which direction to face her but I think he just got so caught up in the moment. haha.

I jumped out of the bush and tried to be all stealthy and sneak around through some more bushes.

Welllll, she said YES!....and she didn't see me..... SUCCESS!
I snuck back to the car and headed back to San Fran where Erik arranged a surprise engagement party for her and we had a slideshow of the proposal awaiting her.

the end... (or the beginning.)


LisaFitts said...

ooh yay sounds like alot of driving!! The pictures are great!

Heaven's Eye Phtotography said...

This is better than any reality tv show out there. I don't even know where to begin. What an amazing story and I feel blessed to have heard it and seen it. You are something else and I know these pictures will be treasured for generations to come. I can't even begin to imagine all the butterflies involved in this day. I want to capture this moment. I want to be in this moment. You have left the onlooker desiring this whole moment....kudos my friend!!! K

emilie inc. said...

So sweet, Shy! I love that they didn't see (or hear?!) you, and the sweet party planned for after the proposal! His song, her dress, one that I just spotted at Anthropologie- adorable! So great that you were able to take part in such a major life event for them!

ChaChaneen said...

Fellow friend of Sara and Danielle! This is Janeen, we met at the party... I had the two older kids and was taking pictures as well.

This is just the B-E-S-T post ev-ah! ha ha I just lurve it! It's so special and I can TOTALLY see her smooching on him through out the song.

Thanks for sharing these few pics with us! Hope your cozy back in B!

Kelly D. said...

that is the best story I've ever heard. SO AWESOME

Nicole Haley said...

I looove this! What an awesome few moments for them to have captured. Beautiful!

Lindsay MacDonald said...

That's so much fun! You have serious self control to stay so stealthy in the bushes. The last shot is really wonderful.

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