Tuesday, February 2, 2010

San Miguel de Allende :: in Color

... and here are a few more images from the trip in COLOR! :)

The streets of Guanajuato MX

The driving streets of Guanajuato are all under the city. They are old aqueducts!

The view from my room in GTO :)

Universidad de Guanajuato

Piles and Piles of chicken feet...... yum?

Callejon de besos. The kissing alley. One of the opportunities I experienced was touring the city with the Estudiantinas... a musical walking tour that ends at the kissing alley. Little do you know, you cannot pass without kissing someone. If you have no one to kiss, they gladly offer their lip-service! ;) ;) .

I freakin' LOVE this shot. We were driving to the lake outside San Miguel and I squealed to pull over. The sun was setting, the dust was settling and the horse just made for a fun shot.

there were donkeys too!

The lake we found.... taking in the mexican countryside!

The main church in San Miguel. This place was breathtaking on so many levels. The architect who designed it had no formal training... he simply looked at pictures of churches in Europe and Spain to model his vision after. Quite impressive 'eh?

*sigh* I want to go back and do it all again....
I want to sit at the outdoor restaurants for breakfast and eat Eggs, with fresh avocado, beans and tortillas.
I want to stand in line at the churros restaurants for chocolate and carmel stuffed churros.
I want to stroll the street squealing at every opportunity to eat coco paletas.
[funny how a lot of my favorite memories revolve around food]
I want to sit in the streets and marvel at all the street artisans. Musicians, painters, life lovers.
I want to continue to find and trip over every exposed pot hole in San Miguel.
I want to always dance in the streets as the mariachi plays in front of the church
I want to visit the Escondido hot springs every day to unwind.
I want to walk into a restaurant in the states and not be looked at funny when I want to order Agua Frescas (Naranja)
I want to wear a fresh flower in my hair every day like I got to in Mexico.
I may not want to get pulled over by Federales with m-16s again... but I sure did enjoy the fact that latino men have a way with words. SO to my favorite Casanova de Palabras.... (and you know who you are).... thanks for making me smile, thanks for making me fall in love with the REAL Mexico, and thanks for making me want to go back.


Ale said...

What a beautiful recollection of your trip :) My fiance is half Mexican (my family from Central & South America) and I'm incorporating a lot of Mexican/Latin touches to the wedding (jarritos, papel picado, red garden roses).

Your photos just remind me of the gorgeous pastels of Latin America -- especially in Mexico :) Beautiful!!

Cristi said...

just in case you were wondering who the crazy person who stopped you on the street today was, it was me :)
loved meeting you and i hope i get to see you again <3
have fun in az!

Lenfu said...

Yeahh, i love Guanajuato. I noticed you made it into Guanajuato, GTO as well as San Miguel. If you get a chance to spend more time in the city of Guanajuato, take it. There are some perspectives of the city which lend itself a camera and the photographers creativity.

I enjoyed your photos.... thanks.

Heaven's Eye Phtotography said...

I so meant to post a comment on the HOTTIE shoot you posted the other day with Mr. Guitar Man! Amazing shots. Why I am posting today is because of that BREATHTAKING shot of the tree and the horse. I have dreamt of such a tree many times before (never with a horse nearby, but it makes the dream more dreamy). Beautiful shots...thanks for sharing!

Kelly said...

We had been looking all over Mexico for almost 10 years for a place to call home. When we visited San Miguel de Allende we came for what was suppose to be a brief 2 day visit, it turned into a week. We found a house to rent, returned to our house near Guadalajara, packed everything up and moved the next week to San Miguel. We had fallen in love for all the reasons you mentioned. I still love to come around the corner, at night, and see the Parochia lit up. It is magical.
Come back soon

Anonymous said...

Why can we not use such beautiful color in North America? Ugh. I love these pictures!

Lucia Photography said...

Wow Shyla I am so glad my google reader had your blog at the top. What a treat to see your adventures in mexico. I have always wanted to go to San Miguel de allende. Did you go on vacation? Or for a workshop?

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