Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Elyse + John | Chebeague Island Wedding

Allow me to begin by saying I don't cry at weddings... I just dont.
But this one, this one got me.

John and Elyse's engagement was the first proposal I ever shot and their epic "she said yes" moment has remained one of my favorite photos to date. Their engagement session remains a favorite as well... Only one of two on my website.

And now, the day finally came.

And I cried.

The celebration took place on Chebeague Island at the Emery family property. The same island John's parents met on. John even wore the same suit his father was married in. It truly was the perfect setting to see these two marry.

E & J, Thanks for the honor of allowing me to be a part of your lives, your relationship, and now your marriage. You two truly make me smile and touch so many with the message of your love.


The groomsmen took a quick trip to the dock to jump in :)

And lastly.... my favorite :)

OH! and there is a slideshow too.... **click HERE**


Doug said...

Love the blue/orange warm cool thing you have going in the under the bridge/dock whatever photo. And such a fun story!

Krista Photography said...

The photos turned out beautiful Shyla! I'm crying just looking at them!

chip said...

Hooooooooly Moley -- that last shot is unbelievable!!


Evan said...

Amazing Shyla!

Victoria said...

beautiful, and that last one...perfect.

Alan said...

Amazing photos Shyla. You made it look like a fairy tale wedding (which it was.) Thanks for being there and being a part of Elyse and John's life. You're great!

Kapaldo Family said...

So beautiful Shyla...it was like I was there. You captured such wonderful moments.

g.c. said...

these are so, so beautiful, shyla!

artphon said...

Love your work, Shyla!

ABOUT ME said...

Oooh, spectacular...I love the night shots (the cool and warm contrast in the fourth from the bottom) and of course, that last one is dynamite. I always shy away from a blanket of white/gray sky...You make me want to shoot the heck out of one!

allan z. said...

What a beautiful wedding! And you captured it in excellence!

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