Thursday, November 4, 2010

Italy [part 2] :: The Rome I saw.

St Peter's Basilica at Night

Underground Subway

St Peter's Basilica inside

And the Colosseum (Both before and after the drama debacle)

The band. I think I shall name them 'The Victim and the Calvary'


Doug said...

Drama aside, the bike/shadow photo is PHENOMENAL. Excellent eye for composition my friend :-)

And I'm glad your bro is OK (duh)

Susan said...

INCREDIBLE !! photos. I just looked you up because I just packaged up your Hey Normal Day ! calendar poster ready for shipping. Thank you for the purchase and I hope you love it !
cheers, Susan

I'll be back to check out more of your amazing photos

Angela Roy said...

Shyla I always come back here every couple of months or so to look at these pics. They are some of my most favorite images EVER! Of any I have seen! Such talent! St. Peters Basillica at Night blows me away every time. I would pay big bucks to have that hanging on my wall. Just a little FYI for you ;-)

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