Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Jostina | Engagement + Wedding

Like Brangelina or Tomkat, Josh and Christina referred to themselves as Jostina... and it totally fits. Yet in THIS couple, Josh is the one who loves the camera, and loves his fashion. His custom made suit with carbon fiber buttons prove this. Christina is the sweet bride who has a truly contagious smile... and together they created an event we referred to as the "Haitian Asian Awesome Invasion". Truly a fabulous party... one that kept me hopping until the very end. And one that left me leaving the OPPOSITE of exhausted. I was ready to party all night with that crowd...

Shortly before their wedding, we headed down to CapeCod for a few engagement shots. I've included a few of them with this post since they never had their blog debut!

Now for the main event...

The Heritage Museum hosted the ceremony AND reception.

Special thanks to my "believe-it-or-not-hetrosexual" assistants for the day! Daniel + Mark :)

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