Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Make A Wish | A visit with the Celtics

Yesterday I was invited on another Make-A-Wish adventure.
A trip to visit with the Boston Celtics.
My fifth grade teacher, Mr.Meyer, had a man crush on Larry Bird. Even though he was from NY and taught in Oregon, his loyalties to the Celtics ran deep. If only he could see me now, I may have been able to receive extra credit!
I do not even know why I wear mascara to these events... As soon as the limo pulls up, I am a goner. I don't even make it far enough to see the kids walk out before I blubbering like a baby. It is terribly pathetic.
Regardless of my mental or emotional state, I still managed to have a wonderful time watching the eyes of these children sparkle. I do not know how you can experience something like this and not be moved.

The day began with breakfast overlooking the practice court... This group of kids were the first ever to be allowed on the court during a practice. When practice starts, the windows have automatic shades that roll down, so even staff is not allowed to watch practices.

Before heading down to the courts, The kids were surprised with the jersey of their favorite player. And also a pair of game shoes from their individual idols. *cue the tears again*

Front row seats to the practice

Paul Pierce spending time with the kiddos.

This young man just met his idol Ray Allen.

His mom lost it. Look at the emotion of all the women in the background

More tears. Ray Allen then proceeded to take him away from everyone for some one on one time in the team locker room. There wasn't a dry eye.

Mr. Sunshine Himself, Kevin Garnett. He is like 12' 4" and all smiles. Its hard NOT to have a crush on him ;) . The young man in the wheelchair just informed KG that Shaq should play defense and this was his response...

Shaq greets the crew and then the kids take turns wearing the 2008 world championship ring

It's is truly an honor to be invited to document these events. Thank you to Make-A-Wish for unknowingly granting my life wish as well. Working with your organization truly was/is a dream.


Ned said...

powerful stuff shy. how cool to be a part of this.

Nicole said...

AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! HOW AMAZING IS THIS!!!!!!! Great shots Shy!!!! As usual! I am all teared up too... ;) So lovely... Hugs!

ralph said...

Ah, such fantastic work Shyla. I definitely teared up looking at your images, realizing how meaningful these moments are. Beautiful stuff all around.

Heaven's Eye Phtotography said...

Oh Shyla...I just watch a really sad movie...and just when I convinced myself that it was just a movie, I come up for a dose of reality. I am sobbing and it's a cross between sorrow and joy. I am so happy that those kids got to meet you! I know that they got to meet their idols, but they were also blessed with one of the biggest rays of sunshine that I have ever known. Thank you for sharing this. Thank you for being you! Your work has taken my breath away lately, and I'm sure it's because your big ol heart is singing from them:) Love you! K

Mark W. said...

Great work Shyla!

Summer said...

These posts are so incredible! Your pictures really capture the emotion and are just plain awesome!! Thank you for sharing and I look forward to more!!

Jennifer said...

Oh Shyla - I'm weeping over here. Your work is so beautiful. So, so beautiful.

Janice Lane said...

Hi Shyla,
I want to thank you for doing such a wonderful job on these photographs. I'm a volunteer wish granter with Make-A-Wish and the kid that met Ray Allen, Colby, was one of my wish kids. We threw a party for him on Saturday and let him know he'd be getting his wish. Often we don't get to see photos or have any more contact, so this was a bonus for me and the other wish granter to be able to share in this moment with Colby and his mom. The pictures brought tears. Thank you, thank you. Janice

dana said...

Shyla~You did an amazing job on these photos...I am so happy to have met you and I cant wait to see the rest of the pictures! You are amazing and know how to capture amazing moments...We love ya! Dana Clements~Richardson & Colby Clements

Wheety002 said...

Photos are great. It's really heart touching to see the kids' faces & smiles. The Celtics players were so wonderful for granting these wishes! God bless.

Jessica said... I poured wine for you today at Sunstone and you gave me your card...I thought I would give a looksie to your site. Amazing. Powerful photos, wrought with emotion.
• • • •

Oh, and my boyfriend (the one of 6 years) just walked in on me sobbing, I was making noise, it wasn't just a solitary tear, there were small convulsions.

Kimberly Michelle said...

I shouldn't wear mascara when scrolling through these amazing photos. What a gift to have these memories captured so beautifully!

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